Songs for Fall

Songs for Fall

The music I listen to changes on a seasonal basis. In the Summer, I enjoy fun and upbeat hits, while in the Fall I listen to more mellow and acoustic folk-inspired songs. The Autumnal Equinox is this Thursday, 22 September, which marks the start of my favorite season of the year. Fall is the season for warm apple cider, scarves, and pumpkins. The days get shorter and the air grows crisper and colder. There is something special about watching the leaves transform to shades of red and orange, and listening to them crunch below my feet as they fall from the trees.

In honor of the first day of Fall being just around the corner, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite artists and songs that set the tone for this time of the year. These songs are best experienced while taking a stroll on a crisp autumn day. Enjoy 🙂

1. Bombay Bicycle Club: Hailing from London, England, Bombay Bicycle Club is an indie rock band most notably known for their upbeat hits. The band took a experiential route with their album Flaws, which purely contains acoustic music. In contrast to other Bombay Bicycle Club albums, the instrumentation in Flaws is stripped down to the bare minimum, revealing a more intimate and vulnerable sound for the band. I love all of the songs in album, but my favorite track is “Ivy & Gold”. This song is perfect for listening to on road trips to pumpkin patches and apple houses.

2. Fleet Foxes: If you asked me to create a list of my all time favorite musicians, Fleet Foxes would definitely be at the top of that list. I love Fleet Foxes because their songs are filled with poetic lyrics and stunning harmonies. You might recognize them from their most famous song, “White Winter Hymnal,” but they have plenty of other amazing songs you should also listen to. My Fall favorites include “Ragged Wood” and “Quiet Houses”. Fleet Foxes’ music speaks to my inner hipster and is best experienced while hanging out in a coffee shop.

3. First Aid Kit: I first discovered First Aid Kit on YouTube (ironically) through their cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song,” which they filmed back in 2008. There was something remarkable about the sound of this sister duo from Sweden that intrigued me to continue listening. When singing together, their voices blend into a beautiful harmony that will send chills down your spine. Today, First Aid Kit has gained fame within the indie folk music scene and is definitely a band you should be listening to this Fall.

First Aid Kit today:

4. Maggie Rogers: With only one single currently under her belt, Maggie Rogers is the most newly established musician on my list. Maggie recorded her song, “Alaska,” for a class project as a music student at NYU. The song recently went viral due to Pharrell Williams’ speechless reaction to it at a NYU masterclass. The video of his reaction was published on YouTube and Maggie Rogers gained a massive following of fans. Maggie Rogers has received high praise for “Alaska” because of the unique folk-pop sound she creates in the song that is distinctively hers. Maggie Rogers is an upcoming artist you should be listening to this Fall and her song, “Alaska” is the perfect place to start. The video below shows the moment that jumpstarted her fame:

Did you enjoy the music from the artists I highlighted above? Check out this Spotify playlist for my complete list of suggestions of music to listen to this Fall:

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