Find the Perfect Brew

Hand-picked by our expert baristas for your brewing enjoyment at home.


Guatemalan Dark Roast

Brown sugar, caramel and chocolate, long finish.

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Sweet, juicy, bold, and robust. Sourced from Costa Rica.

Brew House Blend

A medium body coffee with a little boost to start your day.

Holiday Blend 2016

Deck the halls with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel.


Earl Grey

Aromatic black tea with bergamot, orange citrus, and lemon.


Spread some joy with light and refreshing tea. Purely mint.

Ginger Peach

Southern roots. A smooth blend of ginger and peach y'all.

India Chai

Warm and creamy chai tea. Perfect for soothing the throat.

Hot Chocolate


Our classic hot chocolate for your enjoyment at home.

French Vanilla

Our classic hot chocolate with a french vanilla twist...yum!

Equipment + Gifts

French Press

Rose-gold french press. Coffee never tasted this good.


Make your coffee with some TLC. Pour-Over glass coffee maker.

Brew Mug

The perfect way to show your love for Brew.

Brew T-Shirt

Look like the Brew Crew with this extra soft T-shirt! 100% Cotton.